Apple III (was: Apple III motherboard)

From: John Wilson <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 21:10:22 2000

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 11:24:32PM +0200, Hans Franke wrote:
>I hope nobody will ever tell this to my A///,
>he may stop to boot from the profile drive.
>Could it be that there are different versions around ?

Hmm, that actually sounds a bit familiar. I kind of think I vaguely remember
reading magazine articles in the early 80s about the /// being discontinued
and then re-introduced in "new & improved" form. But I wouldn't know...

Was the /// the machine whose user manual suggested that you should drop the
entire computer on a desk from a height of several inches before powering it
on the first time, to give all the internal connectors a chance to chew
through the oxide? Wild...

John Wilson
D Bit
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