Miniscribe 6086?

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Jun 17 18:08:58 2000

On Sat, 17 Jun 2000 wrote:

> I had a miniscribe 6085 in my 286 in the late 80's. It is an MFM (ST506
> interface) drive with the same parameters as the Seagate ST4096. I think
> cylinders are 1024, heads at 9, and sectors per track at 17. The RLL
> model would have an 'R' appended to the model number and would have 26
> sectors per track.
> You might be able to run the RLL model on an MFM controller as the
> difference between the two variations is mainly the platters. Rarely are
> the drives much different. I ran a 3650 for a couple of years on an
> Adaptec ACB4070 bridge controller and believe it or not they worked
> perfectly though they weren't rated for RLL linear density.
> Despite thier poor reliability record, I still like Miniscribe drives.
> They sound neat. "Peeep wobble wobble Peep". Western Digital bought what
> was left of Miniscribe and produced some really aweful drives when IDE was

Not so, Maxtor took over Miniscribe. WD bought Jugi Tandon's hard drive

                                                 - don

> beginning to really catch on. I remember stacks of dead WD 40mb 3.5"
> drives at a company I worked for in 92/93. We called our 'boneyard' "The
> Closet of Shame". The drives were an MFM mech with an IDE board attached.
> They used stepper actuators and sucked eggs for reliability. They did
> sound neat though.....
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