New find: HP 1000 E series

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Sun Jun 18 23:06:05 2000

At 08:07 PM 6/16/00 -0700, Frank McConnell wrote:
>That would be about right, I think. The HP terminals that I'm
>familiar with generally had cables whose far ends were a
>DB25 plug that wanted to plug into a DCE-flavored connector.
>Good luck!

Well, I made the cable and plugged it into a terminal. The
right voltages appear on the correct lines. However,
the card never asserts DTR or RTS when I turn the computer on.
I also discovered that the HD in the 7946 is busted
(haven't opened it yet)-the "online" light doesn't come on,
but the "fault" light does. It seems to have trouble
spinning up. So, loading an OS is out of the question
for a while. Is it possible to at least run some tests
and have it output diagnostics to one of the BACI cards?

There is a sheet of paper glued to the front panel with instructions
on how to reboot the system; it says to load the S/s register
with ones in bits 15,14,9, and 6, then hit the store, preset,
some other button, then preset again and finally the run button.
This is from memory; the machine is at work.
I've done that, but nothing seems to happen. The only sign
of activity is immediately after turning the machine on;
a LED on one of the memory cards lights up for about two seconds,
then turns off.

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