Try one more: Digital DECpc XL 466DX2 model 775-ww

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jun 19 00:06:11 2000

Since your only response so far was so rude, I decided to see what I could
come up with.

The system might not be old enough to be on topic, but it does look like a
nicely constructed piece of gear. Unfortuantly the only thing I was able
to dig up was a Systems and Options Catalogue, but it pointed me in the
right direction.

>Digital tower with processor card 486dx2 w/ 256K cache, six 72pin
>slots and onboard scsi. DECpc XL 466DX2 model: 775-ww
>I thought this would be best place to put in this list because so
>many worked with digital/DEC equipment.
>Tinkering with it produced few surprises, ram issue and several
>undocumented jumpers on the processor card.
>When trying to run 3 pairs of simms in it, I still get 16MB if as it
>has 2 pairs of ram installed. This is one of few machines that must
>be run with simms in pairs. I would love to get it to full capacity
>of 24MB.
>I need to know the jumpers on that processor card as well, this might
>be a reason for this memory issue. Also must this machine require
>parity simms? Didn't try it with non-parity simms yet.

The full capacity is actually 192MB apparently (it's also listed as 128MB),
though I wouldn't recommend trying to accomplish that. This system uses
the same RAM as some of my Alpha's, which means it rather expensive, unless
you find it used. You need True-Parity 72-pin SIMM's for this system. I
don't believe EDO will work. I know the Alpha's that use the same RAM are
fairly picky.

>And I'm looking for a pentium or alpha processor card for this
>DECpc XL 466DX2

OK, I see such beasties are actually advertised as being eventually
available. Interesting. You might be able to find a Pentium processor if
you're very lucky, but I don't believe you'll be able to find a Alpha
processor for it, and if you do I imagine you'll be very limited as to what
you're able to run on it.

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