Try one more: Digital DECpc XL 466DX2 model 775-ww

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Date: Sun Jun 18 20:35:41 2000

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> Since your only response so far was so rude, I decided to see what I could
> come up with.

All I ask was few feedbacks then back to on topic on classics.

> The system might not be old enough to be on topic, but it does look like a
> nicely constructed piece of gear. Unfortuantly the only thing I was able
> to dig up was a Systems and Options Catalogue, but it pointed me in the
> right direction.

That little no wonder, compaq is too intent on killing off decent
Digital stuff off in favor of their compaq stuff that is looks like
top #1 which is really wasn't. Touch one and Compaq machine crashes

> The full capacity is actually 192MB apparently (it's also listed as 128MB),
> though I wouldn't recommend trying to accomplish that. This system uses
> the same RAM as some of my Alpha's, which means it rather expensive, unless
> you find it used. You need True-Parity 72-pin SIMM's for this system. I
> don't believe EDO will work. I know the Alpha's that use the same RAM are
> fairly picky.

Thanks that helps. No wonder this machine came to me with ram
and it's cdrom and hd stripped. These simms I used are true parity
type 12 chip type all 70ns, 1MBx36. I also have small stash of
matched pairs of 18 chip 2MBx36 simms to try later. But this
machine hold me little interest that I have found out it's limitions.
 I have peecee (pentium and PII) parts but no case or two to stuff in

> processor for it, and if you do I imagine you'll be very limited as to what
> you're able to run on it.

Thanks, this machine was real treat to look at besides the peecees I
worked at part time job on but two negatives about this case. One: 3
ext and 1int bays in a real heavy tower. Two: and very few choices
of FPM parity simms I have. PSU is very electric guzzler so I'm
scared of running it for any length of time without running up too
much bill.

Later on, I will offer up the few items to barter with for classic
machine to play with. What classic to not yet decided. Wink wink.

> Zane

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