OT: 911 (was Re: A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay)

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Mon Jun 19 12:10:29 2000

On June 19, Chris Kennedy wrote:
> > When I say "changed very little" I meant compared to certain other
> > models of car we see on the roads these days. Certainly there are
> > dozens to hundreds of changes every year or couple of years...I have
> > an '83 and a '95, and they're very different cars. But, to the
> > non-911-geek, to see them sitting next to each other in a parking
> > lot, they're damn near identical.
> Without a doubt. That the stylistic lines are essentially the same
> as they were in 1966 is nothing short of amazing. I suppose some
> Mercedes come close to the same phenomina, but I can't think of
> a single care from a US, Italian, French, British or Japanese
> manufacturer that's been that timeless. Well, okay, the 2CV, but
> I did say *car*... :-)

  Yup...look at the Firebird or the Camaro. How many completly
different body styles from the late 60's til now? Five? Six? And we
don't even want to talk about what happened to the Chevelle and the
Nova. The only similarities between the old & new of those models are
in the names.

           -Dave McGuire
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