Review of Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc.

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jun 19 11:08:53 2000

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Phil Guerney wrote:

> Sellam said in his VCF site review of this book:
> "You first realize this is not just another book about Apple when it begins
> with an Apple factoid that even I (a lifelong Apple fanatic) didn't even
> know about. It reveals that Apple actually had one other founder besides the
> two Steves, a man by the name of Ronald Wayne who got cold feet and bailed
> out shortly after Apple's official founding (he's the guy who designed the
> logo of Newton sitting under the Apple tree on the Apple-1 manual)."
> Poor Ron Wayne, who sold out his 10% of the company for $500, is missing
> from all the Apple company stories that I have read, but his involvement is
> described well in Fire in the Valley by Freiberger and Swaine on pages
> 265-267 of the updated version that came out this year.

There's no mention of him in the original edition. For his part,
according to the book, he claims he doesn't regret the decision :)

(considering the circumstances it quite plausible)

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