Free: Apollo DOMAIN/OS Software Distribution Tapes

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 06:57:52 2000

Hi Mike;

You probably don't need it. These tapes would be useful for
the machines made by Apollo before it was bought by HP, at least
for the non-68040 based. These had model names such as DN3000,
DN3500 and DN4000, and ran Apollo's version of Unix, called
Domain OS. Pretty decent. The machines you have were made by HP
after it acquired Apollo; the first ones to bear the HP/Apollo name
were the 68030/40 series 400 machines, which ran HPUX. For the
400t you might want to look into netBSD, as the last version of
HPUX that runs in 68K-based machines is 9.1 (I think) and is not
y2k compliant. The series 700 machines have PA RISC cpus and
should run HPUX 10.20 .


At 03:50 AM 6/20/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Please read ALL of this message CAREFULLY before
>>responding. Incomplete/erroneous replies will be directed to /dev/null,
>Could someone translate this into English?
>Do I need it or want this?
>I have several Apollo boxes, 400t up to 715/50, and I have the 10.20 free
>update CDs from HP, but haven't played with them yet.
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