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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 11:00:25 2000

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, John Foust wrote:
> At 12:52 AM 6/20/00 -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
> >Is this true? (I have a local AM Radio talk show called "Computer Talk" and
> >I need a stumper-type question... this could be it!)

Just ask them qustions about real comptuers, like, tell them that you
just got a PDP-11/44 that's not working, that you've tested the PSU,
describe the switch settings on the boards and what lights are lit and
what the console displays and what you've discovered using a logic probe,
oscilloscope and VOM and then proceed to ask questions about using your
logic analyzer to debug the problem further.

You know what would really be fun? If a dozen or so of us all kept
calling one of those PeeCeeLuzeDoze shows and kept asking them
questions like this. Ok, first, we'd have to get past the call
screening, but, we could tell the call screener that it's about some
LuzeDoze system related problem, then get on the air and ask a
question about a real computer system. That's it, we should launch a
Usenet campaign to swamp the radio PeeCee shows with questions about
VAXen, IBM mainframes, Tandems running Guardian and also ask about
UNIX - stay away from asking Linux questions as that's becomming
common and they may know about that - hit 'em with Version 7 related
questions, along with AIX, System III, PNX, DGUX, etc. questions.
Just think, calls from all over the world flooding one of these
radio shows with interesting questions.

A few more ideas: Call in a question about a hard disk problem, then
hit 'em with a question about your RK05 or Funitsu Eagle while you've
got the schematics in front of you. Let's not forget the simple
questions too, like telling them there's a problem with the fan in
your PeeCee, and then ask their opinion on a proper repair; I'm sure
they'll tell you to replace the power supply. At that point, tell
them that you don't want to replace the entire PSU and that you've
removed the fan, and what you really want to know is what type of
lubricant they recommend for it after you give them the model number.

> I was thinking about offering myself to the local radio station
> to do a (perhaps monthly) call-in show like that. Care to post
> a short summary of your experience with it? I thought it might

A few years ago, I had a telephone call from someone one up in
Delaware (or was it Rhode Island? - it was one of those place up
north) who wanted me to host a radio talk show about computers. The
catch was that I'd have to put some money up front for this until
sponsors began picking up the tab, and I wasn't sure how legitimate
this was. Is that how it usually works?

> be fun, might drum up more consulting work, and might drag a few
> classic computers out of people's closets.

Or, drive up the prices for our toys. :-(

R. D. Davis             
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