Radio shows?

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 13:12:37 2000

"Uh, yeah. I've got Windows 95 on my PS/2 Model 95 Ardent Tool of
Capitalism, and I'm trying to get a file off my '370 through my arcnet card.
MVS says everything is working fine, but the 9-track won't mount. What am I
doing wrong?

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> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, John Foust wrote:
> > At 12:52 AM 6/20/00 -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
> > >Is this true? (I have a local AM Radio talk show called "Computer Talk"
> > >I need a stumper-type question... this could be it!)
> Just ask them qustions about real comptuers, like, tell them that you
> just got a PDP-11/44 that's not working, that you've tested the PSU,
> describe the switch settings on the boards and what lights are lit and
> what the console displays and what you've discovered using a logic probe,
> oscilloscope and VOM and then proceed to ask questions about using your
> logic analyzer to debug the problem further.
> You know what would really be fun? If a dozen or so of us all kept
> calling one of those PeeCeeLuzeDoze shows and kept asking them
> questions like this. Ok, first, we'd have to get past the call
> screening, but, we could tell the call screener that it's about some
> LuzeDoze system related problem, then get on the air and ask a
> question about a real computer system. That's it, we should launch a
> Usenet campaign to swamp the radio PeeCee shows with questions about
> VAXen, IBM mainframes, Tandems running Guardian and also ask about
> UNIX - stay away from asking Linux questions as that's becomming
> common and they may know about that - hit 'em with Version 7 related
> questions, along with AIX, System III, PNX, DGUX, etc. questions.
> Just think, calls from all over the world flooding one of these
> radio shows with interesting questions.
> A few more ideas: Call in a question about a hard disk problem, then
> hit 'em with a question about your RK05 or Funitsu Eagle while you've
> got the schematics in front of you. Let's not forget the simple
> questions too, like telling them there's a problem with the fan in
> your PeeCee, and then ask their opinion on a proper repair; I'm sure
> they'll tell you to replace the power supply. At that point, tell
> them that you don't want to replace the entire PSU and that you've
> removed the fan, and what you really want to know is what type of
> lubricant they recommend for it after you give them the model number.
> > I was thinking about offering myself to the local radio station
> > to do a (perhaps monthly) call-in show like that. Care to post
> > a short summary of your experience with it? I thought it might
> A few years ago, I had a telephone call from someone one up in
> Delaware (or was it Rhode Island? - it was one of those place up
> north) who wanted me to host a radio talk show about computers. The
> catch was that I'd have to put some money up front for this until
> sponsors began picking up the tab, and I wasn't sure how legitimate
> this was. Is that how it usually works?
> > be fun, might drum up more consulting work, and might drag a few
> > classic computers out of people's closets.
> Or, drive up the prices for our toys. :-(
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