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Date: Tue Jun 20 20:47:59 2000

As stated long ago and as printed in the newspaper article done on me,
my goal is to open a museum sometime in the very near future. I'm
trying to get corporate funding and grants to get it off the ground.
Right now I have stuff stored everywhere, such as 1800 sq ft warehouse
in Houston (full), a 10x15 storage unit in Houston, two bedrooms in a
house in Houston, 4- 10x15 and 1-10x20 storage units here in St. Paul, a
one car garage full here, one bedroom full here in the apartment, and
5- 3x4x16 storage units in my complex here. I have over 3000 hardware
items, over 1500 books, tons of old test equipment, and several hundred
other types of items such cups, mousepads, mice, giveaways from trade
shows (such as the items you send me each year from the VCF), I have
computer art work (paint and photo), computer puzzles, computer toys,
robots, and the list goes on. My wife says if I die before the museum
is built than this all goes to the trashman. I started this back in 1985
and my dream of a museum started back 1992. But rising a family and
working everyday was tops on my list at the time and now the kids are
all grown and can go after my dream. I have gotten help from many on
this list and hope that I can be of help to some of the new members.
Well that enough history for today.
John Keys
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> John, let me ask you: what the hell are you going to do with all the
> you are collecting? I mean, I collect a lot of stuff, but you seem to
> taking in about 4 times what I have in total every few months.
> How much stuff do you have, where do you keep it all, and what are you
> going to eventually do with it?
> More curious than anything...
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