From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Tue Jun 20 21:32:15 2000


> I have over 3000 hardware items, over 1500 books,
> My wife says if I die before the museum is built than this all goes to the
> trashman.

That underscores something I posted on last year:


Every collector should have a will, and it should direct the disposition of
their collection. Maybe the disposition is "sell it on eBay", maybe it's
"offer it on ClassicCmp", maybe it's "give it to Stanford"...or ?

Even if you don't decide now, your will will name an executor...he/she
should be made aware of the value of the collection.

All too often, I hear about people dying and some computer (or more!)
being thrown away.

For collectors who live alone, they should make sure *somebody* is aware that
their collection isn't trash! Even if you know no one, and have no friends,
no relatives, post a note somewhere in your house/apartment ... it'll be your
final way of giving back to the hobby.

(Yes, I have one...produced for free, using Classic software (an obsolete
version of some will program from Nolo Press))

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