New Finds

From: Pat Barron <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 10:25:02 2000

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Tony Duell wrote:
> > 6. AMD AM 2900 Evaluation & Learning kit. A nice single board computer
> > with the box but no manuals. There was a sheet titled "Am2900 Kit
> > Programming Work Sheet". Anyone have more info on this unit ?
> [...]
> You'll need a copy of the AMD bipolar processor databook (or 2900
> databook) to do much with this board. And a copy of 'Mick & Brick' (a
> book entitled 'Bit Slice Microprocessor Design') would be useful as well.

I have a copy of the AMD 2900 databook, which I might try to scan in
somewhere (I can photocopy sections out for John if he needs them right
away); someone also recently provided me with a scanned version of the
Am2901 datasheet, which I can share.

You're on your own for a copy of Mick and Brick - it's copyrighted, so I
can't scan it in - and I'm not giving up my copy.... ;-) Powell's
( has two used copies available for $23.00/each.

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