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You could give your stuff to a local science center, they usually have tons
of storage. Of course, the stipulation is they have to pick it up, and
promise not to dispose of it. It would be easy to make a timeline of
personal computers exhibit, or something. Include instructions on how to get
lynx going via telnet on a Commodore 64, they can be used as internet

If you ever go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (Highly
reccomended) check out the chemistry and physics exhibits. TI99/4s, Atari
400's, and Commodore 64's drive most of the "Interactive" exhibits.

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> > I have over 3000 hardware items, over 1500 books,
> ...
> > My wife says if I die before the museum is built than this all goes to
> > trashman.
> That underscores something I posted on last year:
> Every collector should have a will, and it should direct the disposition
> their collection. Maybe the disposition is "sell it on eBay", maybe it's
> "offer it on ClassicCmp", maybe it's "give it to Stanford"...or ?
> Even if you don't decide now, your will will name an executor...he/she
> should be made aware of the value of the collection.
> All too often, I hear about people dying and some computer (or more!)
> being thrown away.
> For collectors who live alone, they should make sure *somebody* is aware
> their collection isn't trash! Even if you know no one, and have no
> no relatives, post a note somewhere in your house/apartment ... it'll be
> final way of giving back to the hobby.
> (Yes, I have one...produced for free, using Classic software (an obsolete
> version of some will program from Nolo Press))
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