How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 12:33:43 2000

> I'm interested in hearing how others on this list afford
> to maintain and expand their collections. Especially people
> like John R. Keys. 8-D Basically I take money out of my
> budgest and buy something when it strikes me. Lately,
> Ive actually turned down some of the more popular computer
> models because I either have one or more, or space is at a
> premium. I also pay monthly for small off-site storage
> to hold some machines as I'm reaching over 150 computers
> +accessories now. Is it feasible to start a non-profit org
> to help pay for some of the costs one incurs while enjoying
> this hobby or how would one solicit donations? I am reluctant
> to become too commercial or plaster my domain with ads.

Well, I'm paying some USD 400/Month for storage of my collection.
I'd love to reduce the cost, but within the City this is a real
bargain - and I don't want to store my babies in a distance of
one or two diving hours.


BTW: I stumbled across a real nice, almost classic web site:
A 386/40, still serving the WWW

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