HTML in mail

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 12:40:58 2000

"Hans Franke" <> wrote:
> Chuck:
> > HTML is rude in mail messages sent to this list, just as it is rude to walk
> > around nude on a beach that has not embraced nudity. So that is the bottom
> > line. We may be HTML prudes, but we're open about it.
> While I agree with your ideas about HTML, this example is just ill
> constructed. This may be rude in your culture, but over here, nobody
> even recognizes such a behavior as 'rude' (Well, maybe if you select
> some RV Park beach ...). In munich you will even find naked people
> cheering the sun within public parks or along the Isar River, in the
> very middle of the City ...
> Examples, especialy when comparing to human behaviour are extrem
> vulnerable to cultural differences :)

Hi Hans
 How about beepers and cell phones in theaters? I think
most cultures would consider that rude.
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