How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 13:10:18 2000

>I'm interested in hearing how others on this list afford to maintain and
>expand their collections. Especially people like John R. Keys. 8-D
>Basically I take

I do mine just like most collectors in most other areas, I buy, sell, and
trade. Buying is a LOT more fun than the others, but most of the time I
can't just buy what I want, and end up with a pallet of misc. The only
thing that really keeps my budget floating is that I don't pay for storage,
piling stuff around the garage and house instead. Even a tiny storage room
here in Orange, CA costs a couple hundred bucks a month, and then your
stuff is essentially all packed away and you can't really play with it.

Selling, the logistics of writing ads, packing, waiting to ship, really
suck, but OTOH there is a lot of satisfaction from providing people with
items they are unable to find and really need.

Trading, other than face to face, is my last resort. It is so much easier
to list an item on eBay, then take the cash and buy my toys. PayPal is
making me a little goofy, as it "feels" like found money, ie much more
tempting to spend.
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