Software Licensing (Was: RE: Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to t he Herd?)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 16:12:41 2000

> Do you have any understanding of the computer industry? Do you have any
> understanding of computers larger than your Windows box? Do you even look
> at the licenses of any software you have purchased? I'm fairly sure you
> don't remember the days when you didn't even own the computer, you rented
> it, or rented time on one.

I have owned a computer continuously since 1976, when I built a SOL
(and I helped finish building an IMSAI the next year that was botched
by a physics professor).

Of the dozen or so computers I own, two are Windows boxen.

My physician told me to stop reading the licences, or I'd have a stroke.

The first computer I used was a CDC6500 running DualMACE at Purdue
in 1974. I checked- Purdue OWNED the computer, they did not RENT it.

>From there I went to a CDC6600 running Kronos 2.1 at Indiana University;
I had a computer account for each of my classes, and one given me for
donating my services as s student consultant. Additionally, I PAID $$$
for a commercial account so that I could print large-format lineprinter
posters and sell them.
> Kindly take your free software whine elsewhere. If you want to write
> software and give it away that's your business. If someone else wants to
> write software and sell right to use licenses that's their business.
> Personally I both sell and give away the software I write, depending on
> program.

I wrote nothing stating that I was looking for free software. How is it
that you take not wanting to be ripped of to mean that I want something
for free?

The problem isn't that I don't understand the computer industry, it's
that the computer industry has been taken over by robber barons. It
happened during the 1980s; I recall it distinctly.

Dang, I know I'm a prima donna, but if all the prima donnas stay off
this list, I think it will get might darned quiet.

respectfully submitted,
-doug quebbeman
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