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Date: Thu Jun 22 16:39:16 2000

> I wrote nothing stating that I was looking for free software. How is it
> that you take not wanting to be ripped of to mean that I want something
> for free?

OK, maybe I misread the message, but that was basically how I read it. I'm
getting so sick of all the freesoftware BS that's taken over Linux that it
isn't funny. That seemed to be where you were coming from.

> The problem isn't that I don't understand the computer industry, it's
> that the computer industry has been taken over by robber barons. It
> happened during the 1980s; I recall it distinctly.

Well, basically one Robber Baron, aka BG.

> Dang, I know I'm a prima donna, but if all the prima donnas stay off
> this list, I think it will get might darned quiet.
> respectfully submitted,
> -doug quebbeman

This list quiet? HAH! Never happen.

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