IBM System/38 Availible (Again)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 16:51:30 2000

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Will Jennings wrote:
> Based on my experiences with System/36's, 8100's, and other IBM machinery..
> the thing almost certainly has a welded steel frame. I took all the panels

Hmmm, so even if it's made lighter, it's still going to be rather
bulky. I just remembered how large some system 36s are.

> off and the dual 14" disks out of a 5360, and I'll be damned if I didn't
> only remove about 250lbs., tops. BTW, be CAREFUL picking up 5360's with a

Wouldn't be be lighter with the boards, power supply, etc. removed?
...ok, well, removing the heavy power supply in pieces, that is.

> forklift, they are very unbalanced by the humongous transformer on the power

How large is this transformer? I'm guessing that it must be much
larger, and heavier, than the ones in my 11/34, 11/44, etc. and
possibly not easy to extract if the frame is welded together.

> supply end, my dad and I went to unload mine, and it started to try to take
> a dive off the forklift attachment on our tractor.

:-( There must be a better solution... although that did sound like a
very good idea. Perhaps it will help if you try strapping the next
one you collect onto the forklift. :-) Well, there's always the
attachment used to pick up bales of hay... it probably shouldn't slip
off that once you spear the S/36 with it. Ok, just kidding, I'm not
into computer demolition! ;-)

R. D. Davis             
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