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Date: Thu Jun 22 17:04:13 2000

Even though the reply had a funny touch to it how else do you expect to have
your collection survive you?
Or don't you care about it?
The main point was that there will allways (I hope) be other collectors
willing to take on some else's collection there can even be a public
distribution/sale or other for people interested.
The thing I'm worried about is about my stuff ending in the trash (160 or so
machines with peripherals and documentation) and I've specifically told my
wife that if I die she should post a note on this very list and ask for help
in disposing of it. She does consider my collection as a pile of junk but
she also knows that this is not the opinion of everyone.
Actually I am thinking of adding something to that nature in my will. I
allways tink that I have time to think about it (I'm 34) but you never
If you worry and value the conservation of your machines you should take the
same dispositions and make sure that none is lost.

> This is amusing I suppose, until the first list members start to die. The
> topic deserves serious discussion.
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