Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to the Herd?

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 20:41:18 2000

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Jerome Fine wrote:
> Since you are local and will not have to pay shipping, you
> have a huge advantage when it comes to anyone else.
> BUT, you will need to have a van or a small truck. And

Also, it can all be moved in two trips with a mid-sized station-wagon
(e.g. - a Gran Torino)... well, possibly one if you really squeezed
the stuff in there.

If it's at all windy, or even a little breezy, be careful with those
rack side panels, as they can go flying into something rather easily.

> bring some tools so that you can separate the components.

At a minimum: assorted screwdrivers, vice grips, nut-drivers,
nose-pincher pliers, torx screwdrivers, wire-cutter for emergencies,
penknife, pen, notebook, zip-lock bag for screws and nuts, paper and
tape to label wires and connectors, a double-bagged paper
grocery-store bag to put various odds and ends in and pair of
gardening gloves.

Note: ask for any tapes, documentation, etc. as soon as possible, not
another trip, if possible, as such things tend to get lost or tossed
out quickly after the system goes away or gets unplugged.

> You will find it much easier if you only need to lift one item at a
> time rather than the whole cabinet. Note that the tape drive alone
> can be about 100 lb. Two people can usually handle that easily.

Several years ago, I disassembled, moved, and reassembled an entire
11/73 rack myself, including the TS05 tape drive, expansion chasis,
two 8" SMD drives, etc. Just be careful to lift with the knees and
not the back. Of course, it would be a lot easier with two people,
and much more pleasant a task with the temperatures in the 50s. :-)

> If it is working or you can fix it yourself, that will be a great find
> IF ou have an opportunity to actually use the drive, and especially
> if you need it.

Most definitely! :-)

R. D. Davis             
Received on Thu Jun 22 2000 - 20:41:18 BST

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