How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

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Date: Thu Jun 22 16:43:51 2000

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> On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Geoff Roberts wrote:
> > No need. Go into Tools.
> > Pick Options
> [...]
> > Put a tick in the Box marked Use Default encoding for all incoming messages.
> Why are you sending Luzedoze e-mail to this list? Please either find
> a way to send plain ASCII or delete Luzedoze from your system and
> install something more useful that can send messages properly.

Got twisted up by nasty bitter pill? See, using
machines that is intel-inside doesn't mean automatically that you're
branded loser. What you should have done is aim your bitterness at
M$ for shoddy apps and breakable NT and loads of codes trying to
"break non-M$ s/w" and hidden agrendas in forms of updates and
non-compatiable file standards by differen apps versions. Myself
using 95a w/ pegasus mail and free agent, netscape.

There is so much alteratives apps and OSes besides M$, different
machines as well, (classic and non-classics).

Be constructive by suggest them to try out different OSes and apps on
their machines instead of offending s/w or OSes in use.

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