Where can I find 5.25 DS/DD disks?

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sat Jun 24 09:36:26 2000

>First, where is the best place to buy some new ones?

I don't know, I have enough to keep me going for years.

>Second, does any manufacturer still produce this media, and what is the
>shelf life? Basically, what I'm asking here is, will our 5.25 drives
>useless before too much longer?

Not likely. I have 5.25 media that is 20+ years and still good. It's
you have things reversed, the drive may fail first. ;)

>I remember a discussion on the group a while back regarding the use of
>media in DD drives. After reading about two thousand messages more
>complicated than quantum mechanics, I gave up trying to figure it out
>So now I've resigned myself to seek the newest 5.25 DS/DD disks that I
>find. Any help appreciated! Long live my Commodore 128!

NO majik, the darker HD media is for 1.2mb use and the ligher brownish
media is for all others. the other half is do not use 96tpi drives to
write 48tpi media or the reverse (special projects and emergency cases
may be a reasonable exception).

If all else and it's possible, upgrade the drive used to a 3.5". Some
can do this easily some can with some programming work, some cannot
be modded.

Above all else keep media in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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