Licenses (was Re: Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to the Herd?)

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sat Jun 24 09:54:59 2000

>Would that mean that a "shared" (I realize that back in 1988, shared
>drives were probably not generally available - and if they were would
>have cost more than extra distributions of the software) disk drive
could have
>been used at one location connected by "short" cables to many computers?

Ah but, they were available, LAPLINK, lantastic and ohers were around. It
cheap but the SHARE.EXE was part of dos 3.3 and later. Compared to the
costs of large disks then the price was appealing.

>OR as an alternative, it would seem to be very possible to use a server
>which had the only disk copy and execute the software on each local
>computer by the many students reading the book from different positions
>at the same table?

Overhead projector? Schools used them.

>But aside from such considerations, the general substance of the license
>was that Borland, even in 1988, was trusting large companies to have
>purchased sufficient copies of the software. PLUS, once purchased,
>was no attempt of any kind to prevent a user from transferring the right
>use the software to a different user on either the same hardware - if
>computer system was sold - OR on even a completely different, but
>compatible, computer system so long as the original software was no
>longer installed and being used on the first computer system.

True but you left out one thing. Their total goal was a Plain Engilsh
I read the DELPHI-5 (current) and it's understandable. Read some of the
licences or others and time for an asprin.

>For instance, if Microsoft had gained monopoly control of the internet
via its
>browser and wanted to stop a boycott of its operating systems, all email
>urging such a boycott could end up being "lost" for some unexplained

They are close with MSN being a backbone and IE being part of the OS.

For some here that may remember. Back when, There was ABC TV, ABC FM
and even ABC AM radio, all one company and network (same for NBC, CBS).
FCC saw fit to break that up as it represented a monopoly on
communications. Yet
we have MS (OS, APPS, content and Browser), MSN their network, and so on.
Think about it.

As to Mentec, a simple low cost non commercial license for what ever
they currently own copyright to would be nice. Further a package of
manuals and license for current (or one back versions) non commercial
support for a reasonable price would be attractive. then again I have no
idea of
the current price of a copy of RT-11 (Docs, media and commercial license)

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