TRON Movie Soundtrack LP

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 05:36:29 2000

>I don't even remember what the music was like on that movie... but I've
>got some stuff I want to convert to digital format one of these days.
>I need a good quality A/D converter, better than the typical soundcard.
>The "professional" ones are too pricey. An old DAT might be OK, maybe
>even if it's got tape transport problems the A/D would still be useable.
>I got the Tangerine Dream Phaedra LP, in really good condition, thinking
>that was a score, and then realized I already had it on CD. Doh! I
>wonder if the LP sounds any better on a good player.

IMHO you need a rig with "original anyway" pricetag of around a minimum of
$5,000 to extract the best the LP has to offer. By rig I mean the
turntable, arm, cartridge, and phono preamp, and spending the money is no
gaurantee of the performance, just what money spent wisely can acchieve. A
really quite good ADC OTOH is maybe $2,000.

Here are the results of some fair testing of soundcards.

>Huh? those should do OK on ebay I would think. What movies are they?

I'll run my full deathlist past the whole group, off the top of my head I
remember at least "My Favorite Year".
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