TRON Movie Soundtrack LP

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Date: Mon Jun 26 08:30:41 2000

> Well to a lot of people used to Lawrence Welk, synth music has been likened
> to 'crap' . . . .

I don't know, that human pumped synth was pretty neat. ;)

> There is a lot of good synth music out there if you look for it, and don't
> try to compare it to symphonic scores. Morton Subotnick and Tomita were the
> early leaders, among others. Quite a few of them were on the Nonesuch

You named a few of mine plus vinyl from the early computer music

> they are so danged heavy. I have three of them: B3, M3 and X77.

Havent banged on one of those in years, nothing like Taccota&fuege/Dminor
to a rock beat on a full bore C3... gave the prof gray hair.

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