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From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 21:03:24 2000

Allison typed forth and the following was the result:

> > Well to a lot of people used to Lawrence Welk, synth music has been
> > likened to 'crap' . . . .
> I don't know, that human pumped synth was pretty neat. ;)
> > There is a lot of good synth music out there if you look for it, and
> > don't try to compare it to symphonic scores. Morton Subotnick and
> > Tomita were the early leaders, among others. Quite a few of them were
> > on the Nonesuch
> You named a few of mine plus vinyl from the early computer music
> conferences.
> > they are so danged heavy. I have three of them: B3, M3 and X77.
> Havent banged on one of those in years, nothing like Taccota&fuege/Dminor
> to a rock beat on a full bore C3... gave the prof gray hair.
> Allison

And to my ears, there's nothing like a full-bore Hammond being
driven by Jon Lord from Deep Purple. Nobody, but nobody gets that
angry, hulking, growling sound from an organ like Lord.

Speaking of Tomita....on his "Bermuda Triangle" album (mine is on
blue vinyl......) he included an encoded message that required
someone with a Tarbell cassette interface to read. I never had the
necessary equipment, and it's always bugged me as to what the
message was. Has anyone here ever decoded it?

I'm not familiar with Subotnick. What is his style? Is it more like
Carlos, Tomita, or Fast? Or, something completely different?

Paul Braun WD9GCO
Cygnus Productions
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