Rich vs. Poor: Middle Ground (Was: RE: Is it time for an Internat ional Vintage Computer Association? Was: Yo)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 14:53:46 2000

> Okay, if you want to take that tack on the subject, let's go:
> So you're saying that only the rich and powerful are *worthy* of
> a such as noble endeavor such as ours?

Jeff, I'm using your quote as a starting point, please
don't think I'm picking on you.

Well, somewhere between rich and poor (I tend to count
myself the latter), there must be middle ground. My
current focus is on Primes, and I'm playing fast-and-
loose with my bills (as well as selling things I'd
rather keep) to try to get this system to a certain
point where I'll feel comfortable with.

However, had I managed to save that MicroPDP-11/73
from the Jaws of Greed, I would likely have simply
held on to it until I could find a better home for
it. Strictly speaking, I'd say that's collecting
and not preservationist. But at least I'd have kept
it from the landfill.

Ideally, the poor collectors amongst us can do
lots of that. But I think it's incumbent upon us
to be ready to give up posession to someone who
can do the item more justice than we can.

I think a phrase commonly stated about relationships
might be applicable here. Rephrased: If you love
something, let it go. I'm letting go of at least
one of two unfinished SOL motherboards very, very
soon (but my original working SOL I will keep).

As to the rich: by virtue of your economic power,
you might easily fall into the trap of compulsive
acquisition. Fewer constraints hold you back, and
so the ID runs wild.

Had the Evil Lurker been restoring a personal system
with the parts he was looking for, it would not have
bothered me a wit. I'd like to take solace in knowing
there's a good chance someone restoring a system will
see the parts he has for sale, and buy them. But I'm
afraid they'll just enter a nonterminating speculative

So, to the rich, let me say this: try to be aware of
what's going on around you, and if you see you're
trying to acquire something that some poor guy is
also going for, remember, this may be his only chance,
and you'll likely have another. And to the poor guys
(like me), I say: be willing to give something up
to someone who can actually get it going sooner
than the 20 years it might take you due to your
more limited financial resources.

Just my tuppence' worth... regards, -doug q
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