Rich vs. Poor: Middle Ground (Was: RE: Is it time for an International Vintage Computer Association? Was: Yo)

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 16:13:18 2000

 While I am a fixer upper type, I can afford reasonable prices
for some of the items I've collected. There are a few things that
I'd like to have but still think are out of my price range.
Even though I don't collect for profit ( I couldn't think of
parting with one of my babies ), I like to see that some of the
items have enough value that they will not be considered
so much junk to toss out. While eBay does cause the prices to
inflate, it has also helped to preserve items that would have
otherwise been treated as junk.
 Other than personal enjoyment, if these things didn't have
value, they would have been tossed with old TV guides
and no one would have any.
 What I'm trying to say is that it is a double edged
sword. I don't think that the prices are anywhere as
inflated as beany babies ( with the exception of the occasional
gold plated TRS-80 ). Those that want the hobby to be more popular
will have to realize that the limited resource will be more
expensive. The comparison to old radios is a correct one.
It is how it will be so long as there is demand. You can
lament the change but it will still happen.
 I will pay what I think is a fair price. If that means that
someone less fortunate than I won't get the item, I'm sorry.
This is just the way life is. You can alway start a revolt
and have a communist system. That way everyone will be
equally poor. Misery loves company.

 Rule #1 Life isn't fair and never will be.

 A person just needs to understand that rule and how they
can do the best they can. It sets limits. We don't have to
like them. Some times we can even change them but
they will always be there in one form or another.
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