Rich vs. Poor: Middle Ground (Was: RE: Is it time for an Inte rnat ional Vintage Computer Association? Was: Yo)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 16:22:41 2000

> What if the machines are to be scrapped in a hurry, and no one can take
> the whole thing? I would think that gutting the things is the best
> option. A few parts are better than nothing...
> I have done this - specifically with a VAX-11/750 and 4D/380. These were
> advertised on this list in the very early days, but I was apparently the
> only one that could even get close to the machines. Needless to say, I
> couldn't take the machines as a whole, so the cards were pulled.

If that's the only choice- landfill or reduction to parts- sure,
reduce it to parts.

Sometimes, there's middle ground...

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