Price of our hobby

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 17:04:24 2000

Well I can't be silent on this one... I'm broke as all hell, but I don't
care.. I should probably be in college right now but I'd rather spend 3K to
get a bunch of Interdata's and Perkin-Elmers... my other car is taken apart
and I ought to spend money on fixing it but I don't.. Sure, maybe these
aren't "good" choices, but whats important is that they ARE choices, I CHOSE
to spend my money in such a way, and I live with it. But I work, I pay my
bills, and hey, I could easily go to college if I'd get off my ass and work
at it.. If you want to just to sit around and bitch about how poor you are,
go for it, you won't get my sympathy. I know its entirely in my own power to
determine how much money I have/make, so I don't complain.. If you're
complaining, you probably don't understand that.. Besides, you could have
loads of money if you spent the time you spend bitching working instead...
Just my 2K worth...

Will J
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