Price of our hobby

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 12:32:11 2000

Will, my boy, It's absolutely for certain you'll regret that you're not in
college for the rest of your life. That's true even if you eventually do go
back and get a degree. The experience will be different and you've no way
to reclaim it. Since you've little or no chance of getting most of these
old machines you gather up and running, it's unlikely you'll learn much from
them. Unless it's your goal eventually to become a scrap dealer, I'd say
you're making what's probably the biggest and most far-reaching mistake you
could possibly make.

Employers will look at WHEN you graduated form high school, and WHEN you
graduated from college, and if it's not the standard interval, they'll
wonder why. They'll wonder why, and hire someone else about whom they have
no questions to wonder about. They'll wonder whether you were in prison or
in rehab. They'll wonder why you were different from the norm.

Of course, I've just learned that my elder son isn't planning to return to
Harvard next fall, (at least he learned enough while there to let my last
check to him clear) and I don't know how well my younger son is doing at GA
Tech. <sigh> I know my sons, both of them, to be sometime goof-offs.
Perhaps that how people will view your resume as well. If I were in your
place, I'd be doing whatever it takes to get on track to make that
graduation from college happen at the "usual" time, no matter what it takes.


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> Well I can't be silent on this one... I'm broke as all hell, but I don't
> care.. I should probably be in college right now but I'd rather spend 3K
> get a bunch of Interdata's and Perkin-Elmers... my other car is taken
> and I ought to spend money on fixing it but I don't.. Sure, maybe these
> aren't "good" choices, but whats important is that they ARE choices, I
> to spend my money in such a way, and I live with it. But I work, I pay my
> bills, and hey, I could easily go to college if I'd get off my ass and
> at it.. If you want to just to sit around and bitch about how poor you
> go for it, you won't get my sympathy. I know its entirely in my own power
> determine how much money I have/make, so I don't complain.. If you're
> complaining, you probably don't understand that.. Besides, you could have
> loads of money if you spent the time you spend bitching working instead...
> Just my 2K worth...
> Will J
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