Time spent Looking VS time spent "Playing"

From: FBA <fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net>
Date: Wed Jun 28 11:07:15 2000

Howdy all,

Another free for all question:
How much time do you devote searching for old machines?
How much time "Playing" (fixing, using etc...) these machines?

I've found lately that when I'm done with the rounds (that is when I can do
the rounds) I usually don't have time to do the play and the machine often
end up on a shelf (or floor or table or....) until I finaly free myself up.
Also as the collection grows I have less time to spend with each machine and
some don't get out anymore (C64, C128, ADAM etc...). It seems that the
longer the setup time the less likely the machine is going to be used.
I used to try to get one representative of each group easilly accessible but
it is now impossible.
What do you do? How do you manage your "quality" time with your machines?
Do you feel guilty for neglecting that old (insert machine name here)?

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