Time spent Looking VS time spent "Playing"

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Date: Wed Jun 28 19:31:11 2000

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Subject: Time spent Looking VS time spent "Playing"

> How much time do you devote searching for old machines?

Well, I've taken to spending a few hours every other weekend or so hitting
the local thrift stores. Sometimes it is slim pickings, while at other
times it really pays off, like the TRS-80 Model I L2 I picked up at Goodwill
for $4, then fixed with a $3 fuse (thanks to folks on this list).

> How much time "Playing" (fixing, using etc...) these machines?

I've been trying to fit in more time playing with the C128. How many hours
a week, I can't precisely say. But I probably spend as much time playing
per week as I do looking, if not more.

I have a "vintage" desk in my house devoted mostly to the C128. However,
since my collection is primarily Commodore, I can use the monitor (1080) and
disk drive (1571) with most any of my machines, including VIC-20, C64, C16,
+4 (just purchased, currently en-route to my house) and C128.

I hooked up a 1541 (using a variant of the XE1541 cable) to my Linux box and
use software that lets me copy files from the Internet to Commodore-format
disks. I can even get CP/M software over to the C128 using a two-step
procedure. It's a blast playing with 15+ year-old software again!

> What do you do? How do you manage your "quality" time with your machines?

See above.

> Do you feel guilty for neglecting that old (insert machine name here)?

Well, I feel a little bad about the VIC-20, and I'm going to spend some more
time with it. Why, you might ask? Well, it's such an incredibly simple
contraption, you can know almost everything there is to know about it.
That's appealing to me. I'd like to really put it through it's paces. I'm
looking for a 8K or 16K RAM upgrade though...3.5K is a little slim, even for
a determined hobbyist!

- Earl

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