From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 19:38:18 2000

Yes, going to college opens the doors so you don't have to become adept at
"breaking-and-entering" though that may still be necessary over the long

Nowadays, the information you take from your classes is generally obsolete
before final exams, but the techniques in acquiring and applying it are not.
Moreover, the degree shows that you were, at least, responsible enough to
stick with it and attend enough classes and do enough of the work to

It shows you can finish something, while graduate school shows that you can
finish something pretty sizeable without having your hand held.


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> Mike Cheponis <mac_at_Wireless.Com> wrote:
> > Richard,
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> > Wasn't there this nerdy guy who started at Harvard but dropped out after
> > a short while to start a company with one of his buddies, and is now the
> > richest man in the world?
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> > -Mike Cheponis
> Hi
> You do have to be smart enough to learn how to steal without
> breaking serious laws. You have to learn how to turn on friends.
> You need to be really lucky. But, most of all, you have to be
> driven.
> For Will
> While I work as a non-degreed engineer, without personal
> references, I'd have a hard time getting past HR. One still
> needs the knowledge that you'd get from college. I have taken
> many extension courses as well as read and understood many
> upper college level books. I've never stopped learning, even
> though I left college in the middle. Although, I have a better
> excuse than most, I was, also, tired of the entire
> school thing.
> Find a way to stay in school.
> One other piece of advice. Don't listen to counselors. They
> wouldn't be doing the job there doing if they really knew what
> they were doing. Decide what you want from college and go for it.
> Dwight
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