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Date: Wed Jun 28 20:14:21 2000

> I realize that VMS is the one true OS for VAXen... But let's say I was in a mood to
> run a *BSD... what's a good, neat looking, older, classic VAX that at least has
> ethernet and scsi easily available and supported?
> R

Hmmm, a good, neat looking VAX??? That's a rough requirement when coupled
with easily available SCSI. Easily available SCSI basically means a 3100 or
4000 series. However, I'll be the first to say that they're not very

The following page might help you some with your decission:

The one column will tell you which models have built in SCSI. If you can
get a MicroVAX 3200/3300/3400/3500/3600/3700/3800/3900 with a SCSI interface
in a BA213 Pedistal (or the other pedistal, but not the BA23 or BA123) then
you'd probably have a really cool looking system (at least I think they're
cool looking). Having said this, of the Q-Bus systems my favorite chassis
is the BA123, but it basically looks like a big box.

You know... the VAXstation 4000/VLC is now listed as supporting NetBSD as
of V1.5, and it's a neat *little* box. It's very limited, and you can only
stuff 24MB of RAM and a 1" high 3.5" Hard Drive in it, but it's got SCSI and
Ethernet, and is reasonably fast. I got one recently for a portable VMS
box, and rather like it.

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