Your dream computer exhibit [Was: Re: Your dream computer room]

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 20:00:10 2000

I've always envisioned at least four rooms for my museum:

1) a static display hall, with a variety of shelves extending out from the
walls, holding a variety of micros with monitors/TVs. The computers would
be running random demos (e.g. the Juggler or the Boing ball, for
Amigaphiles) or programs. The aim is to provoke a "Wow!" reaction at the
sheer variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of cases, monitors, and

2) A "period" gallery, where examples of important computers are shown in
their natural habitat. e.g. a TI-99/4A with cassette recorder and wired
remote controllers would be connected to a TV in a recreation of an early
80s rec. room, complete with red carpet, photoprinted wood panelling,
Farrah Fawcett poster, and battered 60's Formica and steel furniture.

3) A "hands-on" arcade or exhibit, where relatively "expendable" common
computers (e.g. C-64, TI-99/4A, Atari 800XL) are set up with a variety of
games carts and business software (complete with tape drives, disk drives,
dot matrix printers, etc) so people can experience what it was like to
actually use these machines.

4) A restoration gallery, where people can see old computers on the
workbench, and restoration/repair techniques. Displays on the walls could
show exploded or cutaway views of disk drives, joysticks, printers, etc.
and explain the technology thay was used in these machines.

Then, there would be the vault, with retina and handprint scanner, that
only lets me in to play with my favourite machines.

If there's anyone in Western Canada who would like to collaborate on
building such a museum (or just dream about it) please contact me off-list.
I'd like to get a ClassicComp club for Western Canada off the ground, and
maybe even plan for VCF North in ? 2002 ?.

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