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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 20:42:46 2000

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> > Zane. You wimp. An 8350 is a fairly friendly BIbus system.
> Yep, in this case feel free to call me a wimp. I've seen pieces of a 8350,
> I really don't want to mess with something that big, and slow unless it's
> a 11/780.

The 8350 CPU is 10.5" tall, 3' deep and fits in a standard 19" rack. You
typically see them in a 42" rack because the bottom is filled with room for
cables and I/O bulkheads. I have an 8300 - same thing but with slower CPUs.
Yes... CPUs... the 8200/8250 is a single CPU box (slow/fast), the 8300/8350s
are slow and fast dual boxes. You can expand an 82x0 to an 83x0 as long as
the firmware/microcode is the same on both CPU boards. This can be done in
the field (which is how my 8200 was bumped up to an 8300)

Fun little box. My employer paid $12,000 for mine in 1989. I got to haul it
away for free five years later (w/RA-81, etc.) At the moment it has an MBA
ESDI<->SDI box on it with 2.4Gb of 5.25" disks in a tray that's half the size
and 1/8th the weight of the RA-81.


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