Your dream computer exhibit [Was: Re: Your dream computer room]

From: Bill Girnius <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 20:34:35 2000

Hmm almost like my basement.

100 systems and counting. 16 up and running at any one time.

it's not beautiful, but it is functional. I really need to get it cleaned
up for company some day.

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Subject: Your dream computer exhibit [Was: Re: Your dream computer room]

> I've always envisioned at least four rooms for my museum:
> 1) a static display hall, with a variety of shelves extending out from the
> walls, holding a variety of micros with monitors/TVs. The computers would
> be running random demos (e.g. the Juggler or the Boing ball, for
> Amigaphiles) or programs. The aim is to provoke a "Wow!" reaction at the
> sheer variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of cases, monitors, and
> graphics.
> 2) A "period" gallery, where examples of important computers are shown in
> their natural habitat. e.g. a TI-99/4A with cassette recorder and wired
> remote controllers would be connected to a TV in a recreation of an early
> 80s rec. room, complete with red carpet, photoprinted wood panelling,
> Farrah Fawcett poster, and battered 60's Formica and steel furniture.
> 3) A "hands-on" arcade or exhibit, where relatively "expendable" common
> computers (e.g. C-64, TI-99/4A, Atari 800XL) are set up with a variety of
> games carts and business software (complete with tape drives, disk drives,
> dot matrix printers, etc) so people can experience what it was like to
> actually use these machines.
> 4) A restoration gallery, where people can see old computers on the
> workbench, and restoration/repair techniques. Displays on the walls could
> show exploded or cutaway views of disk drives, joysticks, printers, etc.
> and explain the technology thay was used in these machines.
> Then, there would be the vault, with retina and handprint scanner, that
> only lets me in to play with my favourite machines.
> If there's anyone in Western Canada who would like to collaborate on
> building such a museum (or just dream about it) please contact me
> I'd like to get a ClassicComp club for Western Canada off the ground, and
> maybe even plan for VCF North in ? 2002 ?.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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