Getting into VAXing

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Date: Wed Jun 28 21:01:47 2000

> Thanks for the link. I'm reading it now.
> To elaborate, I'm not saying I require that it has built in SCSI, but I want to be able
> to at least find & buy a SCSI interface for it.
> As long as I can get it in to my basement, and I can get it on my LAN and powered up, and
> NetBSD installed, I'll be happy. The weirder the h/w the better :-).
> Still pissed about getting kicked off the VAX Cluster at college, years ago I suppose,

Well, any Q-Bus system can have a SCSI interface, BUT they're likely to cost
in the $300-1000 range, unless you're lucky enough to get one with the

BTW, that $1400 MicroVAX II with a SCSI interface on eBay is WAY overpriced.

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