Archives of OS/360-ish public domain software?

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Date: Wed Jun 28 21:05:43 2000

William Doznelli wrote:
>Tim Shoppa wrote:
>> Are there any on-line archives of OS/360 software in the
>> public domain? I'm thinking not only of operating system
>> software distributions (which are rumored to be in the public
>> domain), but also of user-group collections of software for
>> these beasts. I'm also interested in software for previous
>> generations of old iron, like IBM 1401's, etc.

>I might think could be out of luck. It seems that most IBM software
>(except for S/34, 36, and 38 stuff) goes away very quickly. I have a
>feeling IBM itself has something to do with this.

There must've been an (or several) IBM "Big Iron" users groups at
one point. Didn't they have a library of public-domain software they

I *do* realize that the entire IBM "Big Iron" philosophy is very
different than, say, the DEC minicomputer or CP/M microcomputer
philosophies, but still it's hard for me to imagine that there were
*Zero* user group software libraries.

>If RCS/RI ever come across any, we will let you know.

Wasn't there supposed to be a RCS/RI trip to rescue a lot of old "big iron"
stuff from a former IBM field service type? Did he have any OS distributions
or field-service diagnostics among that stuff?

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