the other side of the equation - your SO/spouse

From: David Williams <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 22:32:55 2000

On 28 Jun 2000, at 21:52, Bill Bradford wrote:
> How does your significant other/spouse deal with your hobby, if
> you have one (a SO, not a hobby), and what "concessions" do you
> make to stay in their good graces?

Mine is pretty cool with it. At first she thought it was a bit crazy
but now she even helps find systems I may be interested in and
sometimes suggests we go out on the weekend looking for
systems. She even sort of liked the idea of having something like
a PDP-11 around, thought it was neat. Of course this is the
woman who wanted, and got, a stand up Centipede's video game
for her birthday about 10 - 15 years ago. I use to think her "lack of
flak" over my collection was due to me making an extra effort to do
special things for her but she tells me that she learned long ago to
pick her battles and when it comes to the computers, that was one
battle she decided it wasn't worth fighting. And all my work with
computers over the years has paid the bills so she figures it was
worth it. Of course, I still think doing something special for her in
return now and then helps too.


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