the other side of the equation - your SO/spouse

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 21:52:18 2000

Since we're on the topic of collections, I have this question:

How does your significant other/spouse deal with your hobby, if
you have one (a SO, not a hobby), and what "concessions" do you
make to stay in their good graces?

Myself, I have the aforementioned 2-car garage, plus we have an
"agreement" that for any "big" item, I have to get rid of an
equivalent amount of stuff, whether it be modern or old.

My SO just about throttled me when I mentioned "yeah, I picked up
a couple more machines over the weekend" when I picked her up at
the airport after a weekend trip a couple of years ago. She
didnt quite think that the 35+ Sun SS1s, 3/80s, 3/50s, 3/60s,
keyboards, and monitors, in piles in the living room, were a
"couple" like I did. 8-) Of course, I lived in a 1/1 apartment
at the time, so she was placated when I sold off most of the
systems and bought her a leather jacket instead.

Bill ("No, honey, please ignore the semi trailer and the forklift
backing up to the garage...")

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