Restoration of Discolored Plastic

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 09:38:34 2000

Just did this recently. Used Ajax Chlorine Scouring
powder, without any scouring per se.

Had a severly discolored VT240, realy unpresentable,
sort of dark sunburned yellow. I fingerpainted on a
paste of the Ajax, made pasty so it wouldn't drip
anywhere it shouldn't and rubbed and waited. Add a
little water if its too dry. Sponge off with a damp
paper towel (again, so that water will not run out).
The first sponging took off what appeared to be paint
really thick plasticy stuff, with a lot of the color
in it. Repeat sponging until no residue (3-4 passes).
Took it down from "gross" to "slightly aged".

Colors as remembered:

Before: R 240 G 200 B 0
    <html><body bgcolor="#F0C800"></body></html>

After: R 255 G 230 B 160
    <html><body bgcolor="#FFE6A0"></body></html>

John A.
Received on Thu Jun 29 2000 - 09:38:34 BST

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