Your dream computer room.

From: George Rachor <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 11:25:32 2000

OK... If you want to dream....
Lets put it on the moon so all that stuff is easier to lug around.

Oh .. Serious dreams... that is different.

I think I see two classes of rooms here with their own unique

1. Microcomputer room.... No special power, floor, or environmental
requirments <like mine>

2. Big Iron room. Raised floor, 220Volt power, Big Aircon, and somebody
real generous to pay the power bill.


George L. Rachor Jr.
Beaverton, Oregon
United States of America Amateur Radio : KD7DCX

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:

> > Also, multiple humongous 3-phase UPS's, just in case.
> > Hell, why not my own substation?
> Will, don't stop there... why not go all the way and
> install a fast breeder reactor, so you'll be able to
> have all the electricity you need plus generate your
> own fuel for future use!
> Hey, the original post did say "Dream", didn't it?
> 8D
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