Restoration of Discolored Plastic

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 11:35:22 2000

> Without getting the entire "Preserve vs. Restore" argument
> started again, has anyone ever found a way to restore the
> original beige color to plastic skins that have discolored
> due to long exposure to UV?

It can not be restored. On the Boatanchors list some time ago, there was
a very detail post about why plastics yellow.

> I'm assuming what's happening is more than just the lighter
> elements of the plastic evaporating, but rather that some
> kind of chemical change is taking place that likely can't
> be reversed.


Probably the best solution (and if you think about it, the most "proper")
is to cover it with a very light coat of paint (something not too

William Donzelli
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