Getting into VAXing

From: Frederik Meerwaldt <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 12:39:26 2000

> Shoot, my first two VAXen were a VAXstation II/RC and MicroVAX II. I sure

My first VAX was a MicroVAX II, and I would recommend it as the first
machine. Well, my config just worked and I had nothing to fix, so that's
an advantage, too, of course. But I was (and still am) pretty happy with
this machine.

> wouldn't recommend either as first systems unless they're picked up for
> free. If they're still running on MFM disks, you'll probably have a real
> headache getting the system running. I love Q-Bus systems, but don't think

What's so bad with MFM disks? My MVII is running 4x RD54, and it works
just fine!

> Um... I saw this on eBay yesterday, and as I read it, it's basically just
> the CPU. I'm sorry, I do not consider this a good first system. I

If you have to build around with the system, or you have to fix it first,
than it's probably not a good choice.

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