Getting into VAXing

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Date: Wed Jun 28 19:36:11 2000

> Zane. You wimp. An 8350 is a fairly friendly BIbus system.

Yep, in this case feel free to call me a wimp. I've seen pieces of a 8350,
I really don't want to mess with something that big, and slow unless it's
a 11/780.

Still you've got to remember my primary interest is VMS, not the hardware
under it, though I do like playing with the hardware. Also, space is
currently my primary concern, I don't have any.

> Nothing weird about it. It's perhaps not the best "first" VAX, but
> it's certainly not as daunting as something like an 11/780 or an
> 8800. There's certainly more to VAX life than the desktop machines.

Sure there is more to VAX life than desktops, and I've got some, BUT I
wouldn't recommend one to anyone as a first VAX. Besides having that
desktop can help get the BIG VAX up and running.

Shoot, my first two VAXen were a VAXstation II/RC and MicroVAX II. I sure
wouldn't recommend either as first systems unless they're picked up for
free. If they're still running on MFM disks, you'll probably have a real
headache getting the system running. I love Q-Bus systems, but don't think
they should be a first system. It's to easy to pick up a VAXstation 3100
dirt cheap, or free now.

> If this guy is motivated, and the machine is in reasonably good
> shape, and maybe with a little help from us, I'll bet he can get this
> machine up & running with only a little bit of sweat.
> -Dave McGuire

Um... I saw this on eBay yesterday, and as I read it, it's basically just
the CPU. I'm sorry, I do not consider this a good first system. I
maintain that the best first system is either a 3100 or 4000 series system.

BTW, what's the power and cooling requirements for one of these puppies?
You really need to consider that, and the fact it's apparently in a 40"
Rack! Remember shipping was one of his concerns <shudder>.

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