Paint JObs (was Re: Restoration of Discolored Plastic)

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 13:25:39 2000

In my IBM experience, I can personally confirm the existence of the
following colors:
Black (The modern standard)
Blue (I have a 3262 line printer this color)
Gray/grey <- this is what I think is the standard color, though the standard
color depends on what line of machines we're talking about.. (My S/36
(5360), both 8100's (8140 and 8150), both 8809 MTD's, and all of my 8101 and
8102 disk drives are this color.
Red (I've seen a 3380 this color)
Yellow (I have a 3262 line printer in this color, yuck-o)
I'm not saying that there might not be other colors, I'm just confirming
that these colors do exist.

Will J

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